As the designer says: LF Bros preheater is the important invention of this field.
Based on decades of experience and the clients’ needs, LF Bros R&D department repeated the testing and the debugging, double motors, double-thermostats and even the original internal spatial structure design which is accurate to 0.1 microns, all of these make the delicate and perfect preheater.

To prevent the ignition, damage, electric and (or) other injuries using the product you must read and strictly follow all the directions. The present manual doesn’t describe all the possible situations you can face with while exploitation of the product.
According to safety regulations the product must be turned on to the three-wire monophase mains of 220 V with ground contact by automatic switch that limits the current up to 10 A (for 1,5 kilowatt and 2,0 kilovolt)  and up to 16 A (for 3,0 kilowatt).
Apart from automatic switches the protective cutout device is recommended. It protects from electric injury if you touch damaged wire or uninsulated parts of electrical equipment as well as provides fire safety in case of current leakage.

Operating rules:

1、It is forbidden to use the heater for technically disabled cars.
2、It is forbidden to leave the heater unattended.
3、It is forbidden to leave the heater turned on for a long time (e.g. the
whole night. Normally,the warming up time is 20-60 minutes according to different power).
4、It is strongly forbidden to turn on the heater when engine running.
5、It is also forbidden to turn on the heater without the cooling fluid.