For every product, LF Bros has the strict quality control system, and all the craft and material are superior. To increase the stability of product, LF Bros spends a lot of money in introducing Germany technology and material(cost and quality are both 3 times higher than other manufacturers). Each part of LF Bros product must be tested. Through the control during the production and optimizing the process, ensuring every details. In addition, every heater must be tested separately and reduce the failure rate of every finished product, to make sure all the products are qualified.

Check cooling system before installation. Cooling fluids are used in these heaters. Sediments or impurity inclusion are excluded of the system as well as additives for radiator leaks elimination.

1、Installation shall be carried out on the cooling system section where the fluid goes from cylinder block to the saloon heater.
2、In order to avoid air bells in the heater it should be installed as lower from the saloon heater radiator as better.
3、It is recommended to use extra hoses during installation in order to     reserve the original ones.
4、Avoid using the preheater in moist areas;please don’t dismantle the rear cover of the preheater without instruction.
5、This preheater can not be equipped in the vehicles fueled by gas, but only be installed in the vehicles using superior glycol antifreezing fluid. The inferior antifreezing fluid may produce scale deposit and incrustation and may be frozen, which may block the preheater. At the first time you use the preheater after installing it, you should start the engine, keep it at a high revolving speed and replenish antifreezing fluid to wholly expel the air. (After installing the preheater, there is a lot of air inside, which may cause vapor lock.)
Before using the preheater, please check whether the water tank is full and whether the preheater is leaking. If the preheater is leaking, please pull out the plug and dismantle it in case of electric shock.