LF Bros constantly improves the research and development system. At present, the research and development team was led by industry experts, and much money is spent on technical innovation, which provide the strong support to improve and perfect the production craft and material.
About LF Bros preheater

      LF Bros product and service covers about 25 countries all over the world, is your best choice in cold winter, also one of the best leading preheater suppliers. LF Bros has achieved the highest industrial-leading standard in independent research and development, intellectual property creation, protection and application. Dozens of patents which involve appearance, core technology and invention have been gained. LF Bros has become the pioneer of preheater patent applicants.
      Technology makes a bright future, innovation and creation drive forward.
      To reduce cost, many preheater manufacturers prefer to plagiarize rather than spend on research and development, and they usually find an OEM or ODM. But LF Bros has been insisting on independent design, production, and testing. Many years of technology accumulation makes LF Bros a lead in innovation.